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We want to give a big thank you to Tiger Serve for their efforts in helping the rescue!

Brett Pierce, Jake Kornegey, Tyler Stratton         Tyler Duncan, Mickael Carter, Justin Trosere

Stephen Carter, Tommie Kelton, Mitch Colburn            Tommie Kelton, Daniel Thomas


Volunteer, Susan Bowen cleaning the horse trailer with Leroy the dog supervising.

This is what Polly sees when she pulls into the ranch for dinnertime! 

Punkin & Cody talking it out!


Morgan feeding Judge some grass.

Thank you Cathy Condry and Jim Fletcher for donating panels for a round pen!  Y'all rock!

Thank You to Bobby Martino and Maryam Azami for their donation of 3 bags of feed and two bottles of fly spray!  Bobby drives down from Russellville to volunteer.  He has been to the rescue three times to help!  Awesome!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Cathy Condray for her donation of the two wagons and Jim Fletcher for his donation of the carport for our horses!  We appreciate y'all very much!

Punkin and Harley having a discussion....and Judge just bored with it all!


Polly Cates working with Jake with the saddle pad and saddle.  He did great!



Polly Cates working with Harley getting him used to the saddle pad.  He was a very good boy!


MARCH 2013

Denise Palmer (Sponsor of Richard) and her children, Ty and Sophie, visited the ranch and brushed a few of our horses! Seems the horses loved it as much as they did!

Ty Palmer and Leon                           Sophie Palmer and Leon

Sophie and Punkin                                               Sophie and Ty loving on Richard

Sophie and Richard                           Sophie and Buck

Monday, March 11, 2013 we had an AWESOME group of kids from the University of North Dakota
in a group called "Students Today, Leaders Forever" visit the ranch! They volunteered 4 hours of
service and were able to rake, muck, pick up sticks and rocks in horse's paddocks and spread
compost! They did a GREAT job and we want to say THANK YOU!!!


The kids working hard mucking and raking paddocks!


Dustin Harper and Austin Suttle are giving Bob a pedicure!  They were great working with
the horses!

Polly working on a catch chute!

Lucas flies without wings!!


Tom and Simon

THANK YOU, POLLY!!  For you huge hay donation!


SHAWNIE                                                             BULLET

We thought the horses might enjoy a festive holiday decoration for their gate this year!

We were wrong......

Our horses are all getting into the holiday spirit!  They're all hoping for a visit from Santa because they just know they've been very good this year!!!





Some of the gang feeling good!

Simon and Judge

Our VP, Polly Cates and volunteer Jim Fletcher unload pallets for our hay storage system.

Bismarck BBQ Bash!

JULY 2012

Simon and River having a disagreement!

Aunt Cathy lecturing Simon about his manners.

Ben Condray giving River a soft hand.

APRIL 2012

Our volunteer Hunter, testing Shaye under saddle.

Harry telling Cory that bit was nasty!!!!