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Happy Trails


Congratulations to Rickie and Alvalu Sides and their gelding "Preacher" on welcoming Joey into their family!  We wish them many years of happiness!

Congratulations to Jennefer Doll and family on their adoption of Monty! We wish them many years of Happy Trails! Also thanks to Alaethea Equine Photography for the beautiful pictures.

Congratulations to John and Melissa Harbin and their granddaughters, Kaylee and Isabella, on their adoption of Faith and Parker.  We wish them many years of happiness!

Congratulations to Lloyd, Tammy (pictured left), Robyn (pictured right) and James Bever on their adoption of Little Gal and Hickory.

Congratulations to Alyssa King on her adoption of Jax and Able!

Congratulations to Mr. Darrell Clark on his adoption of Lola!

Congratulations to Terry Grandon on his adoption of Mindy. Mindy hit the jackpot with a large family, which include Buttercup and Cody, to love her and big pastures with lots of grass.

Congratulations to the Joiner family on their adoption of Grace.  William,  Angela, Ava Grace and Jace have welcomed Grace into their home.  Pictured, Angela (mom) and Ava Grace.

Congratulations to Ms. Fleeta Fore on her adoption of Travis. Fleeta reports that Travis is making great progress on his training. We wish them many years of success and happiness as a team.

Congratulations! to Judy Dean and Jacqueline Solsvig on their adoptions of Storm and April. Lots of love, lots of grass and being trained to live up to their full potentials! We wish them many years of happiness!

Congratulations to John Miller and his family on their adoption of Drew and Katie!

Congratulations to the Cheshier family on their adoption of Martin. Pictured from left to right: Justin Cheshier, Martin Short Cheshier, Jenni Cheshier, and Whimsy Cheshier.

Congratulations to Billy and Sherri Goss on their adoption of our sweet boy Trace.Sherri is working with Trace on a daily basis and she and Billy plan on trail rides with Trace and their beautiful,foxtrotter mare,Sash.Here Sherri is pictured in the round pen that Billy built.

Blanche has found her new family with Tom and Polly Nichols and handsome gelding, Deuce.

Congratulations to Mike and Cheryl Forrest and Brownie on welcoming Sage into their family.

Congratulations To Angela Buffkin and daughter Gracie on their adoption of Cherokee Brooks. Cherokee is also pasture buddies with Bubba a big Tennessee Walker gelding.

Congratulations to Kim and John Bolding, and their grandson Dean Grandon on their adoption of Buttercup and Cody.


We want to congratulate Lisa Townsend of Bismarck, AR on her adoption of Chief! (pictured right). Chief is enjoying the good life with his pasture mate, Mattie. We wish them many years of happiness!

A big Congratulations to William and Mary Hutto on their adoption of Sennah. This is Sennah at her new home meeting her sister, Sabrina.

Congratulations to Peter & Rosalie Deen on their adoption of Honker. Honker is the leader and protector of their goat herd. Here is Honker watching over his "kids" at playtime!

Congratulation to Michael Grist and his fiancee, Lana Guenther and her daughters, Allison and Kathryn who welcomed Big Red into their family!

A HUGE Congratulations to the O'Toole family on their adoptions of Tanner, Cannon and Dawson!


Congratulations to Jill, Savannah, Gracie, Riley and James Saunders and Darla their lab
on their adoption of Austin and Harley!

Rebel with his new family, Jessica and Jon David Jones. Pictured here is Jessica's husband holding their daughter Langley.   Congratulations Jones family!!!

Congratulations to the Croft family on their adoption of our sweet Anna.   Everett and Mildred Croft along with Jayla Croft riding Anna with her brother Gabe looking on!

Our sweet Fly has found her special little girl. Chloe Berry fell in love with Fly and apparently the feeling was mutual. Here is Chloe on Fly and Chloe's Mom, Cecilia Berry. They are from Sparkman, AR. Congratulations Chloe!!

Congratulations to Terry Howell on his adoption of Tyler!

Congratulations to Madalyn Hoover on the adoption of her new friend, Raven!

Congratulations to Mr. Randy Hathcock on his adoption of Simon.

Congratulations to Beth Wendl on her adoption of Longshot Warrior!


Congratulations to Marco Giles on his adoption of Junie Bee!

Congratulations to Sarah Gatlin and family on their adoption of Braveheart!

Congratulations to Tom and Polly Cates on their adoption of Bullet.

Congratulations to George and Janet Avery on their adoption of our sweet Jill!!!!

Congratulations to George and Janet Avery (right) on their adoption of Cierra!! Also pictured (left), their neighbors Kristi Hickman and Courtnee Grizzard who also came to meet the Averys new addition!

Congratulations to Tommy Hill of Waldron on his adoption of our special guy, Lucas! He's gonna be one happy boy in a beautiful valley full of Bermuda grass!!!

Gary, Melissa and Hailea Raines welcoming Preston and Luna to their new home in Hackett, Arkansas! A BIG Congratulations to you all!!

Congratulations to Deloris Lynders and family on their adoption of  Brandi! Ms. Lynders' son-in-law, Dexter Haddox, is making her feel welcome!

From rags to riches! We love happy endings! Congratulations to Tommy Hill of Waldron, AR on his adoption of Leon!

Congratulations to Tiffaney and Mark Wixom of Norman, AR on their adoptions of Zane, Jett, Maynard and Toby! They all will be missed but we are extremely happy they found their forever home!!!

Congratulations to Steve and Mary Strickland on their adoption of Jake & Sabra!


Congratulations to Katie Cooley on her adoption of River!

Congratulations to Ms. Lindy Book on her adoption of Locket!

Congratulations to Karen Woodall on her adoption of Casey and Shaye!

Congratulations to Robert and Tonya Robb and family on their adoption of Rojo & Officer!

Congratulations to David & Cindy Robinson on their adoption of Harry & Olivia!

Congratulations to Haylee Wolf and family on their adoption of Senator's Daughter a/k/a Baby!

Congratulations to Al and Lynn Redmond on their adoption of Knight!  See Lynn's first ride on Knight here.  What a great and loving home he has found!!

Congratulations to Robin Young on her new family member, Baker.  Robin was fostering Baker during his rehab and fell in love with him.  We know he will have a wonderful new home!

Congratulations to the Giompoletti family on their adoption of Ruby and Reeses!