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Available for Adoption

PLEASE remember...we are a rescue. The definition of a rescue is "to free or deliver from confinement, violence, danger or evil." Please take that into account when considering adopting a "rescue animal". They have baggage, they've experienced loneliness, heartache and loss, and they're terribly afraid.

We try to learn as much as possible about any equine we take in. In some cases we may have little or no knowledge about the equine's prior life or training. We will however, tell you everything we know about that equine but cannot make any guarantees about any of the equines temperament or training.

We hope and pray that all adopters will take the time needed to get to know their new family member and to overcome whatever its "baggage" is to have their 'forever home'.



Trenton is lucky #7 of the large rescue from Clark County. Trenton is a 2 year old gelding that is around 14HH. He is very friendly and seems calm natured. He hasn't had much handling but loves to be petted and loved on. Adoption Fee $350.   Sponsor Trenton


Jericho is a handsome 18 year old 1/2 QH 1/2 TB gelding that stands approximately 15 HH.  He was part of the large rescue in Clark County.  Jericho is friendly with a nice disposition but has not had a lot of handling.  Adoption Fee $300.    Sponsor Jericho


Carson is a 3 year old sorrel and white paint that stands about 14.2 HH. He is friendly, halter broke, leads fairly well and loads well. Adoption Fee $350.  Sponsor Carson


Wesley is a yearling black and white paint that is growing like a weed and looks like he is going to be a tall boy. Wesley was an unhandled colt since birth and shy and unsure but making progress on trusting humans daily and shows all signs of becoming a sweet, calm natured horse. He loads well. Adoption Fee $350Sponsor Wesley


Apache Rose is a beautiful 15-year-old registered Quarter horse mare. She stands 15.1 HH and is good at everything. She arrived with her hooves trimmed too short and tender footed. We have since had her feet X-rayed and she is laminitic but the vet said she can be lightly ridden. Our farrier recommended putting "clogs" on Apache and he did and she is doing great with them and getting around well.  He said the clogs would allow her soles to grow out. Apache was reported to us of having been a little girl's barrel horse and seems sad not to have an owner and a job anymore. Apache is a sweet mare that seems to be very well trained and loves to be brushed and loved on.    Adoption fee $350.    Sponsor Apache Rose


Look at what a beautiful filly she has blossomed into!! She as at least doubled in size and will be 2 years old on Dec. 24th of this year. Cayenne was part of one of our largest rescues that happened in Clark County. She was an unhandled filly when she was rescued but has turned out to be a friendly, sweet little girl. She is very smart and seems to love to be worked with and is now halter broke, leads and is good with having her feet and legs handled. With the good work of our great volunteers, Gwyn Buck, Brian Gontarek, Kay Neal, Sophie Palmer and Polly Cates we have this filly off to a great start. Cayenne has a calm, level-headed personality and adapts quickly to new introductions. She has had ropes tossed on her, twirled around her, hats tossed over her, bags of cans thrown near her, sacked out and people giving her applause for a job well done! She is now ready for her forever home!  Adoption fee $400.   Sponsor Cayenne


Lil' Red is an 8 year old Hackney pony gelding that stands 12.3 HH.  He is energetic, has a
fast, smooth gait, halters, leads and loads well.  Adoption Fee $300.  Sponsor Lil' Red


Pearl is a 17 year old chestnut mare.  Approximately 14.2 HH.  Friendly, halter broke, leads and loads well.  She is supposed to be broke to ride but her riding has not been assessed at this time.
Adoption Fee $300.      Sponsor Pearl

Pearl is being sponsored by the Stiffler family, Talmon, Ellen, Kate and Will.


Lily is a friendly, sweet 10 year old Quarter Horse mare. She is approximately15 HH. She halters, leads and loads well.  Her riding has not been assessed at this time.  Adoption Fee $350.  Sponsor Lily


Finding Favor is a 4 year old Off The Track Thoroughbred that stands 15.2 HH.  He is well trained and easy to handle.  Adoption Fee $500.  Sponsor Favor


Jewel is a 4 year old Quarter Horse mare that stands 14.2 HH.  She is halter broke and leads. 
Her riding has not been assessed at this time.  Adoption Fee $350      Sponsor Jewel


Holly is an approximately 7 year old QH mare, 13.2 HH and is broke to ride.  Holly is a sweet, small sized mare with an easy going personality.  Adoption Fee $350        Sponsor Holly


Otis is a sweet 15 year old Jack donkey.  He will be gelded this fall.  Adoption Fee $200
Sponsor Otis


Ace is a 21 year old grey Arabian gelding.  He's broke to ride, sweet but needs refreshing.
Adoption Fee $350
                Sponsor Ace


Punkin is an approximately 6-year old pony, 11.1 HH. He is halter broke, leads and loads well. He has been trimmed and stood well for the farrier. He is friendly but a little shy until he gets to know you. He has not yet been assessed for riding. Adoption Fee $200.  Adoption Pending!


Bailey is a 17-18 year old Pony who was an owner surrender. She is 10.2 HH.  She halters,
leads, loads and stood nice for the farrier. Her riding has not been assessed at this time.
Adoption Fee $200            Sponsor Bailey

Bailey is being sponsored by Cheryl Forrest


Daisy is a 5 year old grey Quarter horse mare.  She was adopted last year but returned
because her owner had health problems.  She is 12.3 HH and has been started on ground work. 
Green broke.    She leads, and loads well and is a sweet girl.   Adoption Fee $300.   
Sponsor Daisy


Shawnie is an approximate 3 year old white mare with blue eyes.  She stands, leads and
loads well and is very laid back.  Aproximately 13.3 hands.  Adoption Fee $300.
Sponsor Shawnie


Judge is approximately 8 years old, recently gelded.  He also has trust issues and needs his special person to work with him to regain that trust.  Adoption Pending

Judge is being sponsored by Frederick Miller and NorthShore Psychiatry, Evanston, IL

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**NOTE**  The ages stated for the equines are estimated. We do not have accurate dates on the ages of the BLM mustangs.