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Virtual Adoptions



The horses on our Virtual Adoption list are selected from our Resident Horses
or are horses that have been with Give Me A Chance Equine Rescue for over a year that we feel are unlikely to be adopted in the Regular program.

Should the adopting family be in a position to switch to a Regular adoption, and if the horse is suitable for that type of adoption, we can switch the horse's adoption from Virtual to Regular.  For example, Spice is on the Virtual Adoption list because she is blind.  She has been adopted in the Virtual Adoption program.  Should the occasion arise where her adopting family would like to adopt her on a Regular basis, we can arrange for that.

The adopting family pays $25 to "adopt" a horse and then pays $25 each month toward its care.  We will mail the adopting family a picture of the horse and will provide monthly updates on how the horse is doing. The equine stays with Give Me A Chance Equine Rescue at the ranch. The adopting family may visit the horse and handle it as much as the horse will safely allow. 

We retain the right to monitor those visits.  No rough handling is allowed!  The family keeps the horse for as long as they continue to pay $25 per month toward its care.  If they miss a month, they lose the adoption and the horse goes back onto the Available list. 

All horses may have more than one sponsor as most of these horses need special care and/or supplements for the remainder of their life.

If you can't afford a horse right now, consider a Virtual Adoption for one of our rescues!