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Regular Adoptions


Give Me A Chance Equine Rescue does not sell horses, we adopt them out to suitable, approved homes.
Our adoptions are intended to be for the life of the horse.

  • To adopt one of our equine, an adoption application is required.
  • Adopters are required to sign and abide by our adoption contract.
  • Adopters must be at least 21 years of age with no history of animal abuse or neglect.
  • Adoption fees must be paid in full and in advance before any horse can be adopted.
  • Adoption fees are not refundable.

If you are interested in adoption, the process generally takes 2 weeks.  First you will be asked to come out to the ranch and visit the animal that you are interested in to make sure you and the animal are compatible.  After the visit, an adoption application must be completed.  Upon completion of the application, a farm check will be made prior to the adoption so we can determine if the equine will be living in a safe environment with adequate shelter, good fencing and a paddock or field with good footing.  When the farm check has been made and approved, we will coordinate with you a date and time to come pick up the animal and pay the adoption fee.

The adoption contract gives us the right to check on the equine periodically to see that it is receiving appropriate and adequate care. If after one year we have determined that the animal has been well cared for, Give Me A Chance Equine Rescue will transfer full ownership of the equine to the adopter.  

*Because we do farm checks of potential adoptor's homes and follow up on the adopted equines, we must limit our adoptions to the State of Arkansas.

Any equine adopted from Give Me A Chance Equine Rescue remains the legal property of the rescue for one year.  If Give Me A Chance Equine Rescue determines that the equine is not being properly cared for and if we cannot work out an acceptable plan with the adopter to improve the situation, the adoption will be revoked and we will take possession of that animal. Adoption fees will not be refunded.

Serious inquiries only please!!

If you are interested in adopting, please see our horses
Available for adoption

If you are interested in adopting, please submit the adoption inquiry form by clicking on the link.

Adoption Inquiry Form