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Adoption Assistance Program


At Give Me A Chance Equine Rescue, we realize that many more horses need new homes than we can afford to bring to our ranch. In order to help find homes for as many horses as possible, we allow people who are seeking new homes for their horses to put photos and descriptions of those horses on our website using our Adoption Assistance Program.

  • $20 donation per horse listed to the rescue
  • All correspondence regarding the horse goes directly to the owner, so you must provide a phone number and/or email address (preferably both) when you list a horse
  • The donation fee is to be paid by the person who listed the horse, although they can require that the person who adopts the horse reimburse them for the money.
  • The person who lists the horse decides the adoption fee (minimum adoption fee is $100).

Because we are so swamped with our duties involving Give Me A Chance Equine Rescue, we CANNOT check out the potential adoptive person, home, information, references or any other information for you.  You must be a responsible horse owner and check all of this information before relinquishing your horse so that your horse is safe and not adopted into a potentially bad situation.

Give Me A Chance Equine Rescue is NOT responsible for the outcome or any other situation resulting from a horse being adopted through our Adoption Assistance Program.

Below is the animals listed in our Adoption Asstance Program.

**None at this time**


For any questions regarding our Adoption Assistance Program, please contact us at